Function First Motorsports

Charlie North's motto -- "If it ain't broke, modify it!" -- is the drive to his life. He knows that any device can be made to perform better, last longer, and run more efficiently. In motorsports, that means faster, safer, and more fun.

Function First Motorsport opened the doors in 1992 and has produced some really neat stuff some of which is displayed on this site. There is so much more that could be added from the 40+ years he has been doing this line of work.

Noted for his custom cages and tube frame structures, Charlie also specializes in chassis tuning, suspension development, aerodynamic development and performance-related bodywork, for roadcourse or Rally (tarmac and dirt). Charlie also has expertise in Mitsubishi cars from the early ‘70s to current production with a greater understanding of swaps and interchange of components within platforms.

Engine swaps and support systems as well as initial installation and setup of many fuel injection systems as well as many decades of Weber carburetor experience. Wiring and custom wire harnesses are a specialty.

As a certified Airframe & Powerplant mechanic with 18 years of restoration experience as well as design and fabrication of Experimental aircraft, he can really provide you with "aircraft-quality work and components." He works with aluminum, steels, titanium, and composite structures -- and, as a capable AutoCAD draftsman, offers design of components from individual parts to complete vehicles from a clean sheet of paper.

Whether you are looking to finetune a subsystem or build a complete racer, Charlie can help you reach your motorsport goals. He is also plenty able to work on motorcycles, aircraft and marine vessels.

He can perform work to most all budget and technical levels to meet the customer’s needs and desires.